Trocar Pins Partly Threaded

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Features & Benefits: • Made in Germany • Concave milled tip to decrease heat generation • Manufactured according to ASTM, ISO and FDA standards • Medical grade, certified 316LVM • Very tight tolerances on diameters • Available in smooth or partially threaded • Available in...

Wireless Video Otoscope Wireless Video Otoscope


Wireless Video Otoscope

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The Firefly DE551 is the Veterinary industry’s leading wireless high precision digital video otoscope with image and video capture capabilities. It provides unprecedented accuracy in observing the ear canal. It’s ideal for dental, dermal, nasal and rectal exams as well. It's a powerful tool which can...

20" LCD Monitor 20" LCD Monitor

scil animal care company

20" LCD Monitor

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Clinton CE-Vt200 20" Color LCD Display Features: 20" LCD Display 3 Input Options: BNC, VGA &  S-Vide0 Works with Dr. Fritz Otoscope Comes with: -Stand -Remote