Canine Neuter Pack

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Qualifies for free shipping. Olsen Hegar Needle Holder 5.5" TC 1 Scalpel Handle #3 Standard 1 Mayo Scissor 6.75" STR 17cm 1 Forcep, Adson Tissue 4.75" 1x2 Teeth 1 Forcep Kelly 5.5" CVD 2 Backhaus Towel Clamp 3.5" 2 Rochester Pean Forceps Straight 6.5" 2...


Extraction Kits

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Feline Extraction Kits Includes: STERIS Vet Cindex Periosteal Elevator, STERIS Vet Mirco Ryder TC Needle Holder 5", STERIS Vet Ultremma Extraction Forceps, STERIS Vet Avalittle Flap Scissors, STERIS Vet Dental Winged Elevator 3mm, STERIS Vet Zen Levitator 1.3mm, STERIS Vet Feline Pen Luxator 1.5mm, STERIS Vet Scalpel Handle, STERIS Vet Tissue Forceps 4.5"...