Titanium Bone Anchor Hex Head

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Product Description

2.4mm and 2.7mm Bone Anchors are to be used with #2 Everstrong fiber

3.5mm Bone Anchor can be used with #2 and #5 Everstrong fiber

Additional Information

Ti Bone Anchor Hex Head

2.4mm x 12mm Ti, 2.4mm x 14mm Ti, 2.4mm x 16mm Ti, 2.4mm x 18mm Ti, 2.4mm x 20mm Ti, 2.7mm x 12mm Ti, 2.7mm x 14mm Ti, 2.7mm x 16mm Ti, 2.7mm x 18mm Ti, 2.7mm x 20mm Ti, 3.5mm x 18mm Ti, 3.5mm x 20mm Ti, 3.5mm x 22mm Ti, 3.5mm x 24mm Ti


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