Simple Fracture Instrumentation

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For screws and plates please follow tabs> Orthopedic>screws or Orthopedic>Fracture plates

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simple fx instruments

2.0mm QC Shaft for use with QC Handle, 2.5mm QC Shaft for use with QC Handle, 2.7/3.5 Bending Iron, Left and Right Pair, Blue Instrument Case L11.5″ X H2.5″ X W5″, Depth Gauge 1.5/2.0mm, Depth Gauge 2.7/4.0mm, Double Drill Guide 1.5/2.0mm, Double Drill Guide 2.0/2.7mm, Double Drill Guide 2.5/3.5mm, Freer Periosteal Elevator, Double Ended Sharp/Blunt, 7.5” 5.0mm, Gelpi Retractor 5.5”, Holding Sleeve 1.5-2.0mm, Holding Sleeve, 2.7-4.0 Srews, Kern Bone Holding Forceps 4.5″ Serrated Jaws 2×2 with Ratchet, Kern Bone Holding Forceps 5.75″ Serrated Jaws 2×2 with Ratchet, Large Bending Pliers, 2.7-4.5mm Bone Plates, QC Handle – Straight Phenolic Handle, QC Handle – Straight- Silicone Handle, Screw Rack, 1.5mm Screws, Screw Rack, 2.0mm Screws, Screw Rack, 2.7mm Screws, Screw Rack, 3.5mm Screws, Screwdriver, 1.5mm Hex for 1.5/2.0mm Screws, Screwdriver, 2.5mm Hex for 2.7-4.0 Screws, Side Pin Cutter Carbide Jaws 7/64″ 9.25″, Tray, 2.4/2.7/3.5/4.0mm Screws, Weitlaner 5.5″ 3×4 Prongs


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