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A complete list of FHO & MPL Instrumentation

For K-wire please follow tab: orthopedic products>pins and wire

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FHO MPL Instruments

Dual Chuck Hand Chuck, Fomon Rasp 8.” Doubl Ended, Freer Periosteal Elevator, Double Ended-Sharp/Blunt 7.5″ 5.0mm, Gelpi Retractor 5.5″, Hatt Spoon, 20mm Oval Cup, Hoke Osteotome 5.5″ 10mm, Hoke Osteotome 5.5″ 13mm, Hoke Osteotome 5.5″ 15mm, Mead Mallet 7.5″ 320g with Replaceable Nylon Cap, Patella Luxation Saw incl. 25mm Blade, Ruskin Rongeur 6″ Curved Double Action 3mm x 15mm Bite, Ruskin Rongeur 7.25″ Curved Double Action 4mm x 15mm Bite


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