AdapTTA Cages with Wing

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Product Description

Titanium Cuttable

Features & Benefits:
• Interchangeable wings – choice made in surgery!
• 350˚ of wing freedom
• Available in biocomposites, titanium and stainless steel
• Limited contact/less implant material
• Available in all sizes
• Proprietary surface finish
• Available with or without wings attached
• Lot tracking on implant

Additional Information

AdapTTA Cages- Ti. With Wing

10.5/23mm Ti w. 15mm Interchangeable wing, 12/26mm Ti w. 17mm interchangeable wing, 16/28mm Ti w. 25mm interchangeable wing, 3mm/17mm Ti w. 9mm Interchangeable Wing, 4.5/17mm Ti w. 9mm interchangeable wing, 6/20mm Ti w. 11mm interchangeable wing, 7.5/20mm Ti w. 11mm interchangeable wing, 9/23mm Ti w. 13mm interchangeable wing


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